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Let Accident Attorneys save you money. If you have been involved in any kind of personal injury, you should be represented by an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. 

You need to ask:

How much is my claim worth?
Who will pay for my medical bills?
What if there is no insurance or not enough insurance?
Who will pay for my lost wages?
What if I am permanenetly disabled or seriously hurt?
Should I talk to the insurance company?
Do I need an attorney and how much will it cost me?

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I will answer your questions free. I will tell you how to start your claim at no charge. You may not need my legal services. If you don't I will tell you how to do it yourself. If you can't come to meet me, then I will come to your home, hospital, or work place. You do not have to come to my office to start your claim. 

Do not talk to any insurance company without first phoning me for some pointers. These pointers are free. If you do hire me I charge only 25% of the settlement I get for you. If we don't get you a settlement you pay nothing.

I have been a licensed attorney in Oregon for over 35 years. I have 15 employees including 4 attorneys and 11 legal assistants. I have three offices in Oregon to serve you. You can trust me. My firm is aggressive. We are not afraid of insurance companies. We fight for the underdog. 

Phone me today and I will answer your questions at no obligation to you. We can also handle your workers' compensation, social security and maritime claims. Phone Me Today. No costs or obligation. Call (800) 347-4269.


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