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personal injury attorney portland oregon

Personal Injury

Personal injury can have serious and lasting effects on an individual's life. A person that has been hurt or psychologically affected by another person's negligence or reckless behavior can possibly have a case. A Portland Oregon personal injury victim and his or her loved ones undergo debilitating and stressful situations when a loss of income from lost work and the high cost of medical care can be just as damaging to the family as the physical injuries themselves.

Unfortunately most of us will find ourselves in some type of personal injury accident in Portland from auto accidents, social security, brain injury or even wrongful death in our lifetime. It's critically important that we learn the basics to Portland Oregon personal injury cases. Learning the rights and wrongs of hiring an attorney and how to properly pursue a legal case against a plaintiff. Find out now how talking with Ray Bradley & Associates in Portland can help you understand how not to be taken advantage of by the insurance company.

Portland personal injury Attorney Raymond Bradley and his staff strive to provide excellent and compassionate representation. With over 120 years of combined legal practice in Portland, Oregon.

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